What is your role at OCTANT?

I manage air operations for clients who want to make sure their air transportation is in expert hands. We provide dedicated reservation and chartering services for passenger and cargo transport between southern Quebec and various locations up north. Our mission is to provide clients with quick and efficient service, optimizing their air operations and minimizing their costs. I lead a multi-person team that handles all charter flight reservations. My job is to ensure that we’re following all the procedures to a T while at the same time accounting for the unpredictability of northern weather and other conditions. Without a doubt that is the biggest challenge day to day.

Did you expect to get promoted so quickly?

No, not really (laughs)… Honestly, I thought I’d stay in the same sort of job for at least three or four years before I had any chance of a promotion. I ended up making my way through all the different positions in the operations centre in less than two years: reservations agent, Cargo Coordinator, medevac Flight Dispatcher and Operations Coordinator. That experience, combined with my own capabilities, is what earned me my current job. My journey has been fairly unique, but it allowed me to prove that I had the talents and leadership skills to handle complex situations and succeed in this new role.

How would you describe your working relationship with your co-workers?

I think I’m a pretty approachable manager. My door is always open. I know I can count on my team, and they know they can count on me. Even if OCTANT got a lot bigger, I’m sure it wouldn’t lose its entrepreneurial spirit or its family feel. It’s a real pleasure to be able to learn and grow in this kind of work environment.

What kind of people is OCTANT looking to add to the team?

We are always on the lookout for new talent to come and strengthen our flight management team, whether it be in reservations, flight coordination, or flight following. We are looking for rigorous multitasking individuals able to manage several parameters at the same time. Our department manages operations. Knowing how to work in a team and having a great sense of customer service are essential assets.