City of Lebel-sur-Quévillon


  • Analysis of the development potential and operational capacity of the aerodrome
  • Development of a Master Plan
  • Design of preliminary plans
  • Budget evaluation
  • Finance research

The municipality entrusted OCTANT Aviation with the task of developing a master plan for the development of its airport that would take into account its immediate needs while also integrating a long-term development perspective. OCTANT Aviation first conducted an assessment of the economic context followed by a consultation process with users to determine their needs at the airport as well as their potential impacts on operations. In collaboration with a specialized engineering firm, OCTANT Aviation developed preliminary plans in three phases including, in particular, modifications to the parking area and taxiways and the installation of a new terminal. Finally, OCTANT Aviation provided a budgetary evaluation associated with the preliminary plans as well as an analysis of the sources of funding available.