Public health organization
- Data analysis and traffic forecasts
- Market study
- Regulatory analysis
- Project management

Feasibility study for the acquisition of a new aircraft


A public organization with a high volume of travel commissioned OCTANT Aviation to analyze the implications of acquiring an aircraft and its different methods of ownership. Its goal was to be able to transport its employees more quickly, improve the quality of services, and optimize the use of a corporate aircraft. OCTANT Aviation conducted a comprehensive study of the organization’s travel habits based on data from previous years (number of passengers, destinations, costs and types of aircraft).
Based on the evaluated parameters, OCTANT Aviation compared the pertinence of the following three models:
1) Being the owner and operating the aircraft;
2) Being the owner and subcontracting the operation of the aircraft;
3) Buy a block of hours from a carrier;
In the end, OCTANT Aviation was able to develop a cost estimate based on customer needs and for each model of ownership as well as aircraft offered.