City of Gaspé
- Assessment of infrastructures
- Technical studies
- Studies of approach procedures and lighting
- Feasibility study for the extension and resurfacing of the existing runway and apron
- Request for funding.

Feasibility study and search for financing for a runway extension


The City of Gaspé commissioned OCTANT Aviation to carry out a feasibility study for the extension of its airport's runway. OCTANT Aviation began the mandate with a detailed analysis with the view of optimizing the accessibility of the airport while taking into account its physical constraints, the performances of aircrafts used by carriers and the evolution of their fleet. OCTANT Aviation then carried out a complete analysis of the state of the infrastructures, identified and estimated the work to be carried out in accordance with TP-312 5th edition, produced the engineering plans and assessed the feasibility of the most advanced approaches in air navigation. In 2018, thanks to the support of OCTANT Aviation, the City of Gaspé was granted $ 3.9 million from the ACAP program for the resurfacing of the runway, the apron, and the complete overhaul of the lighting system. The City also received a $ 3.6 million grant from the PAQIAR program to extend the runway and develop new instrument approaches.