Mining company


  • Evaluation of the rehabilitation costs of an abandoned airstrip
  • Traffic forecasts
  • Evaluation of the cost to transport employees over 5 years
  • Estimation of the work costs and operating costs of the airport

A mining company; owner of a large deposit in James Bay, wanted to assess the financial and economic parameters of exploitation in order to determine whether or not it was viable to go ahead with the project. The aspect of air transport and its logistics was one of the most important components of the project to be evaluated. The mining company called on the services of OCTANT Aviation to assess the entire aviation component of the project. The mandate of OCTANT Aviation consisted initially in the evaluation of the works and costs associated to the rehabilitation of an abandoned runway. OCTANT Aviation then proceeded to assess the costs of employee transportation for the next 5 years. To complete the mandate, OCTANT Aviation estimated the air traffic according to many parameters, including the number of rotations required according to the phases of operation of the mine, the points of origin of the workforce (spread throughout the province of Quebec), the needs in types of aircrafts, etc… Finally, the mandate ended with a comparative analysis of the two options under study, namely the return to service and operation of an abandoned runway, or the use of Eastmain airport.