City of Rouyn-Noranda


  • Data analysis and traffic forecasts
  • Market research
  • Economic study
  • Competitive analysis

The city of Rouyn-Noranda granted OCTANT Aviation the mandate to carry out the development plan for its airport with the objective of making it an economic development tool at the service of its territory. OCTANT Aviation first carried out a comprehensive assessment of the airport, the dynamics of the region, and of its air transport needs. OCTANT Aviation also, as part of its intervention, mobilized the community; in particular the business community and local stakeholders, in order to identify the most promising avenues for development. In the end, the approach enabled OCTANT Aviation to position the airport in relation to the competition, to articulate a development plan that takes into account industry players (carriers, schools, travel agencies, etc.) and to provide the airport with the management tools necessary for the implementation and success of the plan.